New American Scholars


A Night of Recognition: Our Founder Riyah Patel Honored with the Rising Stars Award

By the New American Scholars Team 

In an evening that celebrated youth, innovation, and positive change, Riyah Patel, the Founder and President of New American Scholars, was honored with the Rising Stars Award for "Changemaker of the Year" by New Hampshire Public Radio (NHPR), Eversource, and Stay Work Play New Hampshire. The award recognizes young individuals who have gone above and beyond in making a meaningful impact in their communities. 

A Shared Triumph 

In her acceptance speech, Riyah was quick to share the spotlight. "This recognition means the world to me, but it is not mine alone to celebrate," she began. In a heartfelt oration, she thanked her family for their unflinching support, acknowledged the dedication of the New American Scholars team, appreciated the contributions of our partners, and most notably, dedicated the award to our scholars—refugee students who embody resilience, courage, and an eagerness to learn. 

The evening wasn't just an affirmation of Riyah’s exemplary leadership, but a tribute to collective achievement. Riyah particularly acknowledged our volunteer tutors, calling them the "backbone of this organization," and stated how their work has impacted over 160 refugee students across New Hampshire. 

Programs That Make a Difference 

Riyah's speech also highlighted the core initiatives that New American Scholars has been tirelessly working on, such as the Reading & Writing Program, Math Program, Science Explorers Program, and the Study-Buddy Program. These programs are not just about academic excellence; they're designed to unlock the potential that can flourish when communities lift each other up. 

A Mission in Harmony 

What stood out in Riyah's speech was the resonance between the mission of New American Scholars and that of Stay Work Play New Hampshire. Both organizations envision a New Hampshire that is not only a beacon for education but also a place where young talent chooses to stay, work, and enrich their communities.  

Fuel for the Journey Ahead 

The Rising Stars Award did more than just honor Riyah and New American Scholars for their achievements thus far. "This award amplifies the urgency and potential impact of our mission," Riyah said. She reiterated the organization's goal: "to serve every refugee child in New Hampshire," describing it as ambitious but straightforward. 

Riyah concluded her speech on an inspiring note, "Together, we'll continue to be changemakers, striving for a future where every student, regardless of their background, has the opportunity to thrive."  

The Rising Stars Award isn't just an accolade. It's a fuel for our collective resolve, a reminder that the journey ahead, while long, is one worth undertaking. And as we look forward to what lies ahead, we are more committed than ever to transforming the educational landscape, one life at a time. 

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey. Here's to many more milestones ahead!