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A Night to Remember: Riyah Patel Attends NHWF's GALA 2023 Honoring Congresswoman Annie Kuster

Empowering Women and Elevating Voices

On the evening of April 29th, New American Scholars' very own Founder and President, Riyah Patel, joined an illustrious group of change-makers and visionaries at the New Hampshire Women's Foundation (NHWF) 6th Annual GALA. The event honored U.S. Representative Annie Kuster for her tireless dedication to the betterment of women and girls in the Granite State and beyond.

The NHWF Mission: A Beacon for Women and Girls

Before diving into the gala, it's crucial to understand the ethos and values that NHWF upholds. Their mission is to invest in opportunities and equality for women and girls through research, education, advocacy, grantmaking, and philanthropy. This all-encompassing approach is aimed at achieving social, political, and economic gender equality in New Hampshire. Empowerment, equity, justice, bold and courageous leadership, and collaboration form the bedrock of their values. Through these guiding principles, NHWF endeavors to uplift the lives of all women and girls, irrespective of their backgrounds or income levels.

The AmplifiHER Award: A Symbol of Steadfast Leadership

The focal point of this year's gala was the AmplifiHER award, given to individuals who have made it their life's work to elevate the status of women and girls. Congresswoman Kuster, a founder of the Women’s Fund of New Hampshire and a longtime friend of NHWF, received this honor. She was celebrated for her "steadfast leadership" at a time when women, girls, and marginalized genders face "unprecedented attacks," as noted by Tanna Clews, the CEO of the Foundation.

An Honorable Presence: Riyah Patel, A Trailblazer in Her Own Right

Riyah Patel's attendance at the gala was especially poignant as she herself was honored by NHWF as a TrailBlazer in 2022 for her ground-breaking work with New American Scholars. Under her leadership, the organization has worked relentlessly to bridge the educational gap for refugee students in New Hampshire, taking a holistic approach to empower them both academically and socially.

Sharing the same space with Congresswoman Kuster and other trailblazing women of New Hampshire underlines the collective power that is generated when organizations and individuals come together with a common goal of betterment and equality.

Looking Forward

Congresswoman Kuster’s words resonate deeply with the vision that New American Scholars aims to realize – a world where everyone, regardless of their gender or background, has a fair shot at success. The gala served as a reminder that our missions are interlinked, strengthening the fabric of our community.

As Riyah has often emphasized, New American Scholars is not just an organization; it is a vision for a more equitable educational system. This aligns seamlessly with NHWF’s aspirations for gender equality on a social, political, and economic level.

As we move forward, the inspiration gathered from the NHWF Gala will continue to fuel our work at New American Scholars. We are committed to transforming the educational landscape in New Hampshire and eventually, scaling up to a national level.

While the road ahead is filled with challenges, the spirit of collaboration and recognition among incredible leaders at events like the NHWF's 2023 GALA makes every hurdle worth overcoming.

Here’s to continued collaboration, unwavering commitment, and a future replete with equality for all.