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Riyah Patel Receives the Spirit of NH Award from Volunteer NH

   New American Scholars


We are thrilled to announce that our Founder and President, Riyah Patel, has been selected to receive the prestigious Spirit of NH Award by Volunteer NH in the Youth category. This accolade recognizes exemplary contributions to the community through volunteer service, and we couldn't be more proud of Riyah for this well-deserved honor.

 About Volunteer NH

Volunteer NH is an esteemed organization with a vision of New Hampshire as a place where communities come together through volunteering to address local challenges and build a stronger, more connected society. Through their annual Spirit of NH Awards, they celebrate individuals and organizations that have made a significant impact through their volunteer efforts. Volunteer NH also provides a multitude of resources including training for volunteers and volunteer managers, as well as stewarding AmeriCorps resources to tackle pressing challenges in the state.

An Acknowledgement of Dedication and Service

The Spirit of NH Award serves as a testament to Riyah’s tireless dedication to bridging the educational divide for refugee students in New Hampshire. New American Scholars (NAS), under Riyah's leadership, has been instrumental in providing not just academic support but also social assistance and peer mentorship for these students. Through partnerships with schools and educators, NAS offers a comprehensive out-of-school support system that aims to empower refugee students holistically.

Toward a More Equitable Educational Landscape

Receiving this award is not just an honor but a reinforcement of the need to continue working toward a more equitable educational system in New Hampshire. NAS’s ultimate goal is ambitious but straightforward: to extend our services to every refugee family in the state. We believe that every student, regardless of their background, should have equal opportunities for educational success.

A Message from Riyah Patel

"I am humbled and honored to receive the Spirit of NH Award. This is not just a recognition for me but for all those who have been a part of the New American Scholars' journey. The urgency and potential impact of our mission serve as relentless fuel for the path ahead. Let's continue to work together to transform our educational landscape and create a community that thrives on diversity, equity, and inclusion."

We congratulate Riyah on this momentous achievement and look forward to continuing our shared mission to ensure that education serves as a ladder of opportunity for all.