New American Scholars


New American Scholars Launches the Ed-Tech Project

After months of fundraising, planning and preparation, the Ed-Tech Project launched at New American Scholars’ Reading & Writing Program on March 6, 2023 at the SNHU Center for New Americans.


The Ed-Tech program uses a tech-based teaching platform that personalizes instruction for each student using an adaptive learning model. We are excited to harness technology to “adapt” educational content to refugee learners who are often over-placed or under-placed in school and encounter a host of other challenges, including learning a new language. Adaptive learning technology enable our tutors to work one-on-one with refugee students to personalize instruction, analyze performance in real-time and adapt the learning plan to the student’s style, pace and preferences. Subjects will include Math, Reading, Writing, English Fluency and Comprehension and will comprise of interactive activities, learning games and materials required for all learning tasks. We will be able to measure our impact and provide progress reports and assessments to the students’ parents, teachers and schools.

This project was enthusiastically received by our Scholars who were thrilled  to use iPADS to learning on.  It was amazing to watch this energetic group of students immediately settle down once they had their iPADS in hand and quickly focus on learning!


New American Scholars has also begun to utilize this technology in the online “Study Buddy” Program where a tutor is matched to a student for weekly/biweekly study sessions.


Ed-Tech has been a remarkable tool in helping our Scholars find their learning gaps and “catch-up” to their peers in school!


The Ed-Tech Project would not be possible without the generous grants from:

  • New Hampshire Women’s Foundation Women and Girls of Color Fund
  • New Hampshire Charitable Foundation’s Tomorrow Papoutsy Education and Career Fund