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The Imperative of Addressing Post-Pandemic Learning Loss: Why New American Scholars Matters

Written by: Riyah Patel

The Ongoing Crisis of Post-Pandemic Learning Loss

In an era of unprecedented challenges, education remains one of the hardest-hit sectors. A new report reveals that despite the $190 billion in federal funding allocated to schools for Covid safety measures and academic recovery, the post-pandemic learning loss persists. Staffing and training issues have prevented the successful implementation of recovery plans, as revealed by researchers at the Center on Reinventing Public Education. In parallel, a report from Harvard’s Center for Education Policy Research identifies additional complications, noting the challenges schools face in targeting the students most in need.

School leaders openly discuss the complexities they are navigating:

  • Incentives designed to retain teaching staff have not always had the intended effect.
  • Teaching quality faces new challenges, likely influenced by an array of factors such as stress, lack of resources, and changing educational landscapes.
  • Teacher attendance has fluctuated, reflecting the overall strain on educational staff.
  • While much of the funding is focused on addressing learning loss and safety measures, there have been instances where these funds have been directed toward other areas.

The findings are grim and amplify the need for supplementary educational efforts, especially for vulnerable communities. Herein lies the continued importance of organizations like New American Scholars.

The New American Scholars Vision: A Holistic Approach

In response to the widening achievement gaps exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic, New American Scholars was founded with the ambitious goal of bridging educational disparities, particularly among refugee students in New Hampshire. The organization employs a multifaceted strategy that not only focuses on academic skills in reading, writing, Language Arts, math, and science but also emphasizes social support and peer mentorship.

In collaboration with schools and educators, New American Scholars aims to provide a comprehensive out-of-school support system, thereby empowering refugee students holistically. This enables them to gain control over both their academic performance and their lives, a necessity at a time when institutional education systems are faltering.

Why New American Scholars is Crucial Today

Filling the Staffing Gap

The staffing challenges facing schools are significant, but New American Scholars help to fill this gap. Through their network of volunteers and educators, they provide targeted assistance that schools may currently be incapable of offering. This serves as an invaluable lifeline for students who may otherwise slip through the cracks.

Identifying and Targeting Needs

The "one-size-fits-all" approach in education is increasingly revealed as insufficient, particularly for marginalized communities. New American Scholars' collaboration with schools enables a more customized approach, identifying students who are most in need and tailoring interventions accordingly

Transparency and Focused Resource Allocation

While the allocation of educational funding can vary across districts for multiple reasons, New American Scholars prioritizes transparency and is committed to its mission. This ensures that every available resource is channeled directly into programs and support systems that benefit students most in need.

A Path Forward

The work of New American Scholars resonates with urgency as traditional education systems struggle to recover from the pandemic's impact. It is not just a supplemental aid but a fundamental necessity, a scaffolding that supports the future of these vulnerable young lives. With goals to expand their services to every refugee family in New Hampshire, New American Scholars is not just an organization—it's a beacon of hope and a vision for a more equitable educational landscape.

In a world grappling with the challenges of its educational systems, the mission of New American Scholars is not just relevant but essential, more today than ever before.