New American Scholars


The Science Explorers Program: Igniting the Spark of Curiosity in Young Refugee Scholars

Written by: Riyah Patel

Science has the magical ability to captivate our minds, quench our thirst for answers, and most importantly, lay the groundwork for a better future. But not every child gets the opportunity to experience the wonders of science education. This is especially true for refugee children, who face numerous barriers to education, exacerbated by the circumstances that led them to seek asylum in a new country.

New American Scholars is committed to bridging educational gaps and has taken a significant leap forward by launching its new initiative this summer: The Science Explorers Program. Targeted at young refugees aged 6-18, this initiative is designed to instill a love for science while offering hands-on experimentation opportunities to reinforce core scientific concepts. With the success of the program this summer, we couldn't be more excited to share how it's empowering the next generation of budding scientists.

About the Program

Learning science is about more than just acquiring facts; it's about understanding how the world functions, critical thinking, problem-solving, and so much more. The Science Explorers Program is designed to serve as a comprehensive educational experience specifically tailored for refugee children.

Wide Range of Topics

Covering an extensive range of scientific subjects, the program includes:

Acid-Base Reactions
Electricity Density
Chemical Reactions

States of Matter
Each topic is explored through interactive workshops that encourage hands-on learning and practical experimentation, allowing children to experience science in an engaging and fun manner.

Hands-On Experimentation

The hands-on aspect of the program has been a cornerstone of its success. Children not only learn the theoretical aspects but also get to practice and see these concepts come alive in front of them. Through experiments and projects, students can delve deep into understanding the principles of science and how they are applied in real life.

The Grand Finale: Nitrogen Ice-Cream!

The highlight of the program was a captivating final project where the scholars applied what they had learned over the summer to create Nitrogen Ice-Cream! This delightful and educational exercise served as an amalgamation of various scientific concepts, proving that science is not just informative but also incredibly fun!

The Impact

What has been most heartening is the enthusiasm generated among the participants. These children, many of whom had never considered science as a viable career option, are now enthralled by the prospects of becoming scientists, engineers, or researchers. The program has not just taught them about science; it has expanded their future prospects and instilled a newfound love for a subject that can literally change the world.


The Science Explorers Program serves as a stepping stone in New American Scholars' vision to provide a more equitable educational landscape. While there is much work to be done, the success of this program reinforces the significance and urgency of our mission.

The program seeks to achieve more than just academic aid; it aims to ignite a passion for scientific inquiry, thereby aiding the cognitive development and critical thinking abilities of these young learners. In this way, we are not just fostering academic growth, but we are holistically empowering refugee children to take control of both their learning and their lives.

Here's to many more summers of scientific exploration and to the budding scientists whose dreams may very well reshape the world we live in!