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Thanks to a grant from the Concord Public Library Foundation, we've been able to ramp up our Volunteer Program this summer! We've paired volunteers with clients to study for their citizenship tests, learn computer literacy, and access benefits like food stamps and rides to the food pantry. 

We got especially lucky with this young volunteer, Riyah, who spent her summer tutoring 10 New American students. Four mornings a week, Riyah met with her students in groups of 2-3 at the Concord Public Library to help them get caught up from anything they missed during the pandemic year, so they can start this school year with academic confidence. 

“It was incredible to see how quickly the kids flourished in the tutoring program. The peer to peer instruction made it easier to understand concepts and have open discussions. No one was afraid to ask questions or speak up. It was an honor to work with these amazing and bright kids. I hope I made as big of impact on them, as they did on me. It is a privilege to know them and I consider each one of them my friends." - Riyah


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