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Riyah Patel Contributes to Landmark 2023 Report on The Status of Girls in New Hampshire

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We are thrilled to share that Riyah Patel, the founder and President of New American Scholars, has contributed to the 2023 report on The Status of Girls in New Hampshire, presented by the New Hampshire Women’s Foundation. Being involved in this report is a significant opportunity to contribute to a broader understanding of issues affecting girls in New Hampshire.

About The Report

The Status of Girls in New Hampshire report is the most comprehensive compilation of data concerning girls in the state, spanning multiple categories like education, economic security, health, substance use, and safety. The report is set to be released every other year and will provide consistent data and insights to understand the challenges and opportunities facing girls in New Hampshire.

The data collected includes 32 indicators that celebrate a strong, smart, resilient, and diversifying population of girls, while also shedding light on the disparities based on gender, race, ethnicity, and geography. This data will serve as a baseline for future reports and policy-making.

A Collaborative Effort

The New Hampshire Women’s Foundation sourced data from multiple organizations and agencies, including the U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey and the New Hampshire Youth Risk Behavior Survey, among others. The report also features spotlights on organizations and programs, including New American Scholars, that are doing significant work across the state to engage, support, and empower girls.

Why This Matters

This report is especially timely, released in a context where society is still grappling with the far-reaching effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on girls and their families. Notably, the data in the report postdates the pandemic, offering valuable insights into how various social factors have evolved in its aftermath.

New American Scholars' Role

Riyah Patel’s contribution to the report is a testament to the critical role that New American Scholars plays in the landscape of education and social support in New Hampshire, especially in empowering marginalized communities like refugee students. It further aligns with our ongoing mission to provide academic assistance, social support, and mentorship to refugee students in the state.

For the full report, please visit the New Hampshire Women’s Foundation website.

About New American Scholars

New American Scholars aims to empower refugee students in New Hampshire through educational resources and programs, helping them to successfully transition in their school communities.

About New Hampshire Women’s Foundation

The New Hampshire Women’s Foundation invests in the opportunity and equality for women and girls in New Hampshire through research, education, advocacy, grantmaking, and philanthropy. Their vision is economic, social, and political gender equality.